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A Story

The first time I can confidently remember encountering the Devil Weed was in Thailand. My family and I just arrived at Bangkok and we were starving. Since it was our first time in this country, we decided to try the local cuisine. We went to this small restaurant near our hotel and ordered based on the pictures on the menu. Our order arrived and it looked delicious. It was a fish fried to perfection and covered with an assortment of vegetables with a small pool of vinaigrette. I hurriedly took a big bite and started chewing, only to stop mid chew and slowly start spitting the bite into my plate. I'm not a picky eater and hate wasting food but it felt like I was eating cockroaches (Not that I've tried cockroaches but I bet that cilantro would still beat it)!!! I started sifting through the dish, trying to find the wretched plant that tormented me. Only the parsley (which I thought WAS parsley at the time) was left for me to try. I took a bite and sick revulsion mixed with enlightenment slammed into my being. I was glad I wasn't the only one repulsed with what I tasted since my parents and brothers had the same look of disgust in their faces. We soon left with a large part of the vegetables left uneaten. I just thought that all the locals in Thailand just got used to the Devil Weed which was the reason why they kept adding them to their dishes. I am so glad that I found this site, although I guess I'm a bit late. I feel like I have found a family for a great cause.