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A Story

When I first got my drivers license my father asked me to drive a bag of vegetables from his garden to my grandmothers house. Knowing my hate for cilantro, he wrapped the cilantro in plastic, set it in the bottom of the bag and didn’t tell me it was in there. He put the bag in my car and off I drove that warm summer day. About 3 blocks later I could smell the cilantro, aroma released via cut stems and the heat in my car. I didn’t know what to do, there wasn’t enough time, I pulled the car over onto the gravel shoulder, and before I could even get my door open, I threw up. I drove back home to clean myself up. My father asked me what happened. “YOU KNOW!!!!!” I replied. Never… ever, EVER again, not in my car, not in my home, not in my presence… you demon cilantro!