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A Story

My (late) husband and I lived in Northern California for several years. He was a hater too, one of many things over which we bonded.

A favorite restaurant was Ming's in Palo Alto, and a favorite dish was their Chinese chicken salad. We always scrutinized the dish minutely and removed anything that even remotely resembled the despised garnish.

We decided to have a corporate function at Ming's and met with their sales staff to settle on the menu. Of course we chose Chinese chicken salad as one of the items, but we outraged the salesperson when we asked if the cilantro could be omitted from the dish. It was as though we had asked the sour to be taken away from sweet and sour chicken, only worse.

In the face of that outrage we withdrew our request and the recipe was not adulterated because of our apparently unsophisticated palates. I'm sure some attendees managed to enjoy the meal in spite of its inclusion.