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A Story

It started as any other day, all was good. A couple of colleagues and I decided to grab some lunch at this hipster asian food place. They served 3 daily meals that day: a ramen soup, meat and something for the vegetarian lovers.

I had recently been in Japan and had a lot of ramen there so I decided to go for the noodle soup. That was a big misstake.

The soup was bombarded with cilantro. It was such a horrible moment as parts of the soup that actually tasted good got interrupted with this horrible flavour of cilantro. It took over every other flavour! I can't express how bad this tasted. How can anyone in his right mind enjoy this god-awful herb or whatever the fudge it is?!

I felt sick for the rest of the day, I wanted to vomit. It was absolutely my worst experience ever when it comes to food.