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A Story

I first discovered the devil's herb when i was maybe 12 or 13 years old. I ordered a jambalaya rice bowl from this hoity-toity restaurant. unknowingly, cilantro was added to the dish. It looked tasty, but mind you, i've never had cilantro before. And the first bite in, the first thing that hits my mouth is this soapy, nasty, underbelly sweat tasting sorta thing. I have no idea what it is, but i can't even finish the dish. I inquire to my mom who is with me at the time. She informs me that it is called "Cilantro". And that's when it started.

Several times, i've went to restuarants, where cilantro was a hidden ingredient. I get the dish, and i'm completely put off. I had to start learning to ask for no cilantro, i even started faking a cilantro allergy. (I still do it to this day, and it works like a charm)

One time i remember specifically about cilantro, was the first time i went to chipotle. For those of you who don't know, Chipotle is an American burrito chain, that serves burritos the size of a football. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention... they put cilantro-lime rice in the burritos. (And you can't taste the lime, i'll tell you that)

So i got my burrito, took one bite, and of course the first thing that hits me is the cilantro, i probably don't even have to mention that. I threw away the rest of the burrito, because the cilantro put me off so much. Everyone else ate their burritos.

Ever since i've formed my hatred for cilantro, i've faked allergies, told my friends who aren't too familiar with the herb about the dangers that lie ahead, and of course, i've stopped visiting chipotle.

Everyone i know seems to be a closet fan of cilantro and it disgusts me. My friends and family continue to offer me condolences, which never work.
"There's only a little bit in it"
"Add some sauce to it"
"I spent so much money on that chipotle burrito, i can't believe you're just going to waste it"

I care not about what you have to say about my cilantro hatred. If you're not getting rid of it, then you can get rid of me.