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A Story

the first time I encountered the hated weed was about 15 years ago at a mexican restaurant. i sent my food back, as I thought that my dish was improperly washed...I definitely tasted an awful soapy taste! when they gave me all new food(and I still tasted it) my waiter informed me that it was the cilantro - and that other people had experienced the same dilemma. since then, I have tried to be careful, and i almost always ask my waiters if there is any cilantro...and to please double check. Sometimes, the protein has been marinated in a cilantro sauce! CULPRITS TO WATCH OUT FOR; Fish tacos, all mexican and tai foods, any salsa, guacamole(which i love WITHOUT CILANTRO). you can even eat at Chipotle...they have both the white and brown rice in the back without the weed - just ask for it.BUT no guac or salsa. just get cheese and sour cream. even the corn has it! Gosh - I even got some once in a seafood restaurant in ALASKA!!! the chef had grown some in his garden, and just put it into the rice for FUN??? SO...fellow haters - just be vigilant...and just say NO!!!