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A Story

I remember a few years back I traveled to a city with my then girlfriend to visit her older sister and see a concert. Her older sister asked if I've ever had Pho food before and I said no. She went on about how amazing it was, and convinced us to go to a Pho restaurant one night. I ordered some Pho and as I began to eat it I had this unbearable taste growing in my mouth. I can't describe it. Maybe something similar to soap. I couldn't finish it, and ate my girlfriends instead, leaving the older sister devastated to find I disliked pho.

I left the city believing that the pho I had was the reason behind the awful taste. Not knowing about cilantro.

A few months later she comes and visits us in the country. My then girlfriends mom loved to grow cilantro in little flower plants during the summer, though she never cooked with it. The sister was preparing a "fruit and greens" salad, and decided to harvest this disgusting herb. She was going on about how much she loved cilantro. Dinner was served, and then once again I dug into the salad to find it tasting like soap!! I was convinced it must have been the mango and strawberry mixing, or possibly the dressing, but I couldn't go on.

It wasn't until last summer when I was at a borito shop in the new city I moved to, that I began to get this taste while eating the borito. I explained it to my coworker, and they suggested it might be the cilantro and how a small percent of people think it tastes like soap. I decided to order a borito without cilantro, and to my belief it tasted amazing!!

Since that day I have avoided the dreadful herb. I am currently typing this, eating some left over chilli butter chicken from an Indian restaurant up the street that I specifically asked no cilantro at. Once I forgot and had to throw out the meal.

Glad I'm not the only victim. Stay strong my friends.