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A Story

I grew up on Mexican food, especially tex-mex, as my mother was from south Texas. There was NEVER cilantro in the food. That's a recent food fad that started appearing about 1980. I remember we were visiting some family friends, and they were preparing the dinner, which was to include a Mexican dish. The wife, Anne, started raving about cilantro as she washed it and added it to the food.

I have never tasted anything fouler. It is so strong that it overpowers any dish you put it in. People say it tastes like soap, but that's way too kind. To me, it tastes *exactly* like the smell of an old sour rag that hasn't dried out properly in days. It's like when you unwittingly dry your hands on a sour towel, and then they stink.

I have been so disgusted as the cilantro trend grew and spread. It doesn't belong in any food!