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A Story

I did not know much about this stuff until the last nine years, when the stinkbugs arrived en masse. I guess cilantro started becoming popular here about then. I was eating a mushroom dish at the Wegman's salad bar and I thought some stinkbugs must have gotten in the dish. I threw it away. I tried it again, several weeks later, and stinkbugs again. I was going to complain that stinkbugs must be getting in that dish, what's going on. Then I tasted cilantro somewhere else and finally realized what it was. I recently bought a new flavor of salad dressing, avocado ranch, a popular brand, and what do you know, stinkbug taste. In a creamy salad dressing! I did fill out a complaint form online with the salad dressing company asking that they mention cilantro on the label as a warning of stinkbug taste. It's Marzetti's Simply Dressed, Avocado Ranch. I really think laws for mandatory labeling need to be passed.