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A Story

In prehistoric times, when cavemen were tasting different plants deciding what to eat, how on earth did they decide that this plant was edible.
I have no idea of my first experience of Coriander (as we call it) but throughout my youth there was this thing in some foods (mainly Indian food) that I absolutely detested, but I had no idea what it was.As the years went by it became more & more prevalent in food. It now seems to be everywhere, My wife helped me isolating the source of the disgusting taste when she bought a packet of salad leaves, one of which was coriander. I was at an idyllic spot on the coast this summer in Cornwall, South West England, right on the beech. 1 hot dish per day on offer. That dish was goulash. I love goulash. this had coriander over it, through it, in it. At what point did it become part of the recipe. This seems to happen all the time. A chef will try & be trendy but putting Satan's herb in most dishes. If I were King for a day I would make it illegal to put it in food unless clearly marked. I notice people have an opinion on what it reminds them of i.e. soap etc. I can't compare it to anything I know, it is just foul, awful, disgusting & all the other adjectives you can think of. I'm glad to have found some kindred spirits.