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A Story

I contend that one reason Del Taco failed in Dallas is because that fast food joint was putting cilantro in otherwise edible burritos, with no warning to an unsuspecting populace. I've given up ordering pico de gallo because it's wormed its way in there, and there are even straight up Tex-Mex eateries where I have to tell them not to include cilantro. La Calle Doce even puts it in their chicken soup, and can never seem to scrape enough of it out in order to make what should be delicious slightly edible. The crowning blow to this idiotic craze comes from Taco Cabana, which put so much of it on my Eggs Mexicana this morning that I had to report them to corporate headquarters. This is Tex-Mex, folks. If you're going to be sprinkling (or in TC's case, shoveling) foliage from the Mexican interior on your menu items, it had better be something you can dry out and smoke later.