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A Story

The worst thing that can happen to a anti-cilantro enthusiast? Being born into a family who's culture/food depends on the vile thing! Being Hispanic meant cilantro in soup, cilantro in "spaghetti" (give me the Italian version MOM!), cilantro with seafood.
The plant of evil has been with me my entire life, and sadly my parents never really cared for my opinion on it. I was forced to consume this utter TRASH all.the.time. Of course I could never actually swallow much of it without gagging, which would just make my parents furious and "spank" me (threaten with/use a dreaded belt or shoe).
Despite my parent's harsh efforts, I just couldn't be made to consume the world's worst thing with a smile on my face. It was hell to visit relatives, because they, too, used the herb of satan. And of course I couldn't "be rude" in another person's house, or my parents would make me cry and therefore embarrass me. If a friend's parent served it that was even worse because then I actually felt a responsibility to "not be rude." Despite all this, my whole family pretty much knew I hated the C-word, yet still served it and always looked for my reaction, as if evil snakes waiting for me to show my weakness.
The moral of this horrible story is that you should be grateful if you ate this by accident, never to allow yourself to try it again. Or, if you are at a time in your life where you can't be forced to do such sinful things as eating this garbage is. I myself have finally reached the age of freedom from the C-word. BE BRAVE those who are still going through this nightmare!
Finally, words cannot describe how accepted and normal I feel at this very moment. My family all looked at me like I was a picky 5 year old my whole life (even to this day), and I'm seen as "not Hispanic enough" for not going with a dangerous cilantro lifestyle choice. Their forcing it on me is probably 10% of why I hate cilantro and it scars me to this day. The rest of the 90% of my hatred is simply because... ITS DISGUSTING YOU PSYCHOS WHO LOVE IT!!
Make peace and burn cilantro.