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A Story

I had suffer from this foul tasting weed in a French restaurant. I ordered a steak tartare, the menu stated that it contained ginger and sesame. Considering I was in a simple straightforward French restaurant, the ginger thing should have given me pause and I should just eaten bread, get a bottle of wine and get out of there. But no, I didn't listen to my instinct and the next thing I know, the steak tartare is laced with Cilantro. I tortured myself about halfway through because of the great texture, preparation and presentation. I then spoke with various people at the restaurant and asked them to please never ever add Cilantro to a classic French dish and if they were so inclined to ruin a perfectly good dish, at least LABEL the fact that someone was misguided enough to add cilantro. I received blank stares and sensed an expression of incredulity. The problem is that folks who don't have this aversion to Cilantro don't realize it's like adding dish soap to an otherwise perfectly fine meal.