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A Story

I can't remember the first time I realized that some chefs like to put bits dish rags in their meals. I believe it was a slow process of elimination that lead me to understand why I hated some dishes while others loved them. Learning that cilantro is related to parsley did the trick. For me, parsley blots out all other flavors so that all I can taste is parsley. Cilantro is exactly the same but it tastes like absolute shit and makes me want to flip a table. I HATE asking for a burrito without cilantro and getting it, just to find that cilantro is in the pico de galo, salsa, sauces, EVERYTHING! I would hope that by now some chefs would understand that if they blend this junk in with other stuff, they should say something. Removing the garnish is not enough! I am like the princess and the pea. I will taste it through everything and make you give me another dish because I don't eat shaved soap flakes.