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A Story

Okay hi I'm here because of an Idubbbz video. Some of you may hate me for that, but it is what it is. I have been hating cilantro throughout my entire life and oddly enough I don't recall meeting anyone that hates it as well. Every time I say ''hey guys I actually don't eat cilantro'' everyone stares at me like I'm a fucking nut job. Some people even go ''But you can't even feel it while eating the meal.'' And that is where they are wrong.
The day I started hating cilantro was when I was probably around 5 or 6 years. My grandmother had cooked a chicken soup and, as one does, she put cilantro in it. First of all - I was not and still am not a big soup fan, because the texture of the noodles with the fucking boiled gross ass yellow water is just not a boat I would like to float on a daily basis. But then came the actual bad part - I was having my chicken soup, spoonful after spoonful, not quite enjoying it but still coping. And then there it was - the cilantro leaf. The first one in the bowl. I knew what it was, I just had no idea it was so fucking nasty. From the moment I put it in my mouth and started chewing (which by the way is a dumb ass paradox when you eat soup cause half of it is for drinking and the other half is for chewing) the meat and the noodle, I tried swallowing a little bit and the cilantro leaf got stuck at the roof of my mouth. It got so stuck at my palate that my 5 year old ass started panicking. I had no idea what to do and tried swallowing a couple more times which just made it worse - the cilantro was still stuck on my palate, just went deeper in my mouth and it made me start gagging. I was literally sitting in front of the bowl of soup gagging like a fucking idiot trying to get that nasty ass leaf off my palate. I don't really remember what happened next - either I threw up, or I had to scratch my whole palate with my nail just to get the leaf off.
Also - it has no taste. It just smells bad.
Fuck cilantro.