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A Story

So I literally discovered this plant from hell today.. I had tasted the soapy and plasticy taste of coriander before but never payed more attention to it than "Eww this is disgusting". That all changed today.

I was, with my school group at a very fancy party to celebrate Finland's 100th indepence anniversary with suits and everything. The starter dish at the dining consisted of a huge pile of coriander (at least 7 full big fuckin leaves) with a little bit of normal salad, a small piece of cheese and an even smaller piece of some unidentified meat. But those were nothing compared to the mountain that occupied 60% of the plate. At first i didn't think much of the leaves until i actually tasted one. It tasted so bad it was surprising. The taste was like soap, shampoo and dishwashing liquid. I started joking about it with my friend sitting next to me that the leaves tasted worse than cough syrup and he seemed to agree with me. I couldn't get but two leaves down before I had such a shitty taste in my mouth that I had to quit on the leaves. The weirdest part of it was watching other people cram the leaves down their throats without any trouble. At the time I thought everyone hated the taste but didn't want to complain about it at this fancy fest so they'd just keep a pokerface and eat the coriander. Just a few hours ago did I go searching for "salad that tastes like dishwater" and discover what the plant was and that I'm not alone with this :D