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A Story

My name is Rika,a middle school student in China.
In many countries,we used cilantro in cooking as a herb,such as in China,we often use it for dumplings. But many foreigners do not like it,they think cilantro likes soap,sock,etc.
I do not think cilantro taste good,my mother also think like me.(ŎдŎ;)But cilantro is good for our healthy.So,I try to eat some
First, it can helps strengthen immune response.So,it is good for our kids or old people.
Second,it can help us anti-cancer.
Third,it can treat a cold.
In my opinion,we can try to eat cilantro less,although we do not like it.
Er...I think Houttuynia cordata is much terrible than the cilantro.It can used in cooking as a herb.
(PS:The people of body cold,the liver is bad,a person prone to allergies do not try to eat Houttuynia cordata!)