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A Story

And there it was.
A plate of guacamole. Not at all threatening, right?
Wrong. I addressed the strange green leaf resting above the scoop of delightful, creamy-but-not-slimy guac.
"Mom," I asked, pointing to the mysterious green leaf, "What's that?"
She laughed, scooping some chicken onto my little brother's plate. "It's just a garnish. You can have it. It's kind of like...parsley."
"But what IS it?" I asked.
"Cilantro," she replied.
Cilantro...cilantro. Where had I heard that before?
I know! Countless movies, entertainment, and of course, the world wide web. Curiously yet reluctantly, I swept my hand toward the tiny leaf of cilantro. As I brought it to my mouth, I hesitated before placing it between my lips.
Well, it wouldn't hurt to try, would it?
Yes. Yes it would. At my tongue accepted the small leaf of cilantro, a tense feeling filled my body. I winced with pain as my mouth experienced the worst sour feeling I had ever felt. Memories of accidentally putting soap on my toothbrush swirled back to me. I struggled to get the little land mine out of my mouth. I swallowed, and gasped for non-toxic air. "Mom," I said breathlessly, "remind me to never eat that again."
She laughed and smirked maliciously as a response.