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A Story

I had recently been hired at a burrito/taco place. I realized that cilantro was a popular item on the menu but I would try to avoid it as much as possible trying to not smell, or taste the equivalent of hell. It was quite a hard task, finding out what sides and sauces wasn't laced with this vile herb. I eventually figured it out... so I thought. It was about half way through my shift. I decided to take my break, making up my burrito with rice, beans, steak, all the things I wanted, being careful not to overlook any condiments. Sitting down I took a few bites of my meal. It was great. Then... it happened. A whirlwind of emotions swept through me as my tastebuds shrieked in anger and I started to realize that the seeming innocent salsa I had chosen did indeed contain, cilantro. I set my burrito down and sat there in shock, reeling over my near fatal venture. After stalling a few minutes I pulled apart my burrito (though it was painful to do so.) and looked for the little demons who so sneakily tried to poison me. I picked out all that I could see and half-heartedly ate a couple more bites of my burrito till I realized I was no longer safe and threw it out.
From then on I have never had any salsa in my burritos since. I can never trust again.