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A Story

So, I was 11 in this encounter (my first one) with cilantro, My mom and I went to the supermarket to get ingredients for a new Spanish dish she wanted to make, and one of the ingredients was cilantro when we got to the counter I asked my mom "what was cilantro anyway?" and "what does it taste like?" she replied with "when we get home you can try a little bit". When we arrived home she gave me a leaf, I put it in my mouth...and IMMEDIATELY spat it out, IT WAS HORRIBLE! I screamed "How do people eat this devil's food?!" but she just finished unpacking and started cooking the Spanish dish, ignoring me I wasn't very happy I really hated it! it tasted like soap!! Needless to say, I have NEVER EVER had cilantro again even if my life had depended on it.