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A Story

This horrid taste that assaults me, soaplike and yet without charm.
Entered this hell via family dinner, thought I, but the worst is yet to pass, how far could this green-skinned plant draw me, nay, for I am strong and possessing a will of steel.
Lo, how wrong was i to underestimate this worst of foes, this unfoodlike edible, this plight upon my tastes, a suffering was never worse felt then whence that herb, or so-called, hit my tongue for it was a hell of human devising.
Never again will i make the same novice mistake,
never again will i trust those i called my own,
never again will i let this pantomime of digestible material fool me with it's sweet, laced tender appearance. As if it were a maiden fair, temping and strange, a glimmer of attraction in her fair eye, the green of lush, of health, of dare do i say, a love most delicate and kind.
For nought, she tastes of lye and lies, of streets perhaps sullied by the sick of an animal.
To be tempted by this lace of deception, my most foolish mistake.
Dear readers, do not give yourself to this lady of foul taste, to this temptress of tongue.
Do not make my mistakes, dear, sweetest readers, for this fall, this fault is one for which i fear, i may never recover.