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A Story

I was just an innocent 5 year old when I first encountered cilantro. My father was growing cilantro in our backyard. I didn't know what that meant until that fateful day when I tried it. I was playing outside with my chickens, and I saw the tall plant. Being a child, and not knowing any better, I tried it. I immediately spit it out. It tasted like pain and horror. I started crying and ran inside. My father, the poor soul, hadn't tried it and thought it was okay. He was very, very wrong. I wasn't the same after that experience. It ripped away my childhood and I want to warn parents and children alike to stay away.

However, that wasn't my last experience with cilantro, and it certainly wasn't the worst. Just recently, I was eating dinner with a couple of my friends. My friend, who was in culinary school, was going to make us some delicious soup. However, it was the complete opposite of that. I had sat down and she had served me a heaping bowl. We said grace and I took a bite. I took a large bite because it looked delicious. However, as soon as I took a bite, I had to run to the bathroom and throw up. All of my friends were horrified because my friend spent a long time cooking that soup. I felt really isolated and sad because none of my friends understood. I had to leave them and I began to feel very lonely. I felt like I had no purpose and this began a very dark part of my life. Then, I found this site. This site is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

For almost my entire life I have been trying to warn people against cilantro. It is usually the first thing I tell people. When I talk to people about this, they think I'm crazy, and even sometimes try to run away from me. I am sad that people don't believe me because cilantro is a huge problem and I wish more people knew about it. My community is in denial of this, and I have made many enemies because of this. However, I have made several friends who I often go protest with and they help me spread the word.

Even though cilantro is such a horrible thing, I have come out the other side a better person. I have made new friends and have been new places. I just hope that more people learn about this growing problem and I want to spread the word. If anyone is unsure about joining this cause, you most definitely should. This is a good cause that needs more young people to help spread the cause. It has definitely helped me to share my story, and I think anyone who has even encountered cilantro should share their story and find people can help them.