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A Story

cilantro killed my brother and ruined my life
we were on our wayto the supermarket when a crazy sociopath decided to run by with his truck. The truck was apparently filled with cilantro, byt lets get back to the story. My older brothers tugged my arm and we were crossing the street when the light suddenly turned green and the truck ran over my brother, his blood splashing on my face, gushing out of his head. The whole even terrified me and for months, put me in a state of shock. When I finally started to act normal again, a memor surfaced of the cilantro in the back of the truck! the truck doors were open and the truck driver had been rushing to check on the cilantro when my brother had been hit. maybe, just maybe, if there were some other produce in the car, maybe even carrots, he would have called the ambulance in time to get to the hospital. because of him, my school life had brocken into pieces and i forever have a horrid scar on my arm. this is all because of cilantro. *bows* *curtains close as mournful applause fills the air*