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A Story

My father, peter was 809 years old and it was his 810 birthday. My aunt Belinda brought out the nicely decorated cake with a slight pinch of cilantro on the top. I eyes the cilantro suspicously while she cut the cake. The birthday boy had the first bite so we all watched my father peter with anticipation. He severed a piece of the cake with his fork and lifted it to his mouth, where he ate it. He swallowed and licked his lips satisfied. We all started to dig into our cake and start small talk but then we heard a loud HAUK! and looked over to see my father bent over, still sitting on his chair. He then fell to the floor and gave a few spazms and went dead silent and still. My mom called the funeral home and we continued to eat our cake but in total silence. To this day, I despise cilantro and want to end all distribution of it so we can be a safe and healthy. R.I.P peter colt ramsley.
I miss him dearly..