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A Story

I don't remember the first time I tried cilantro... I just know I hate it and it permeates everything. I think maybe it was when I was in my early 20s. I went to a Mexican restaurant and they had cilantro in everything - the burrito, the refried beans, and the rice. I couldn't eat the meal as I spent most of the evening picking out green stuff. To me cilantro tastes like soap. I heard that this is a hereditary trait - my mom thinks it tastes like soap too. Everyone thinks cilantro is amazing. It is so nasty, I don't get it. I have had fast food mexican joints make my burrito over again because they put in salsa without asking me first. I'll watch tv, see a really good Asian recipe, and then they say 'And now for some cilantro' and they put in what looks like a cup and I literally start to dry heave and I have to turn the channel. I had an Indian dish with 'coriander' and wondered why it tasted like cilantro. My fiance told people I was allergic - he was surprised when I told him I avoided cilantro because I just thought it was gross. He's marrying me anyway.