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A Story

Hanging there dead with all hope lost. First we must go back to the beginning. It was a day just like any other, just shopping at the store with my mother, but before I knew it my mom grabbed cilantro of the shelf. I instantly gave my mom a weird look and asked her if she had grabbed it by mistake, however, to my dismay she told me that she was changing her lifestyle and was trying cilantro for the first time. Even though we were in the middle of a supermarket I started a heated argument with her because I cared too much about her wellbeing. Unfortunately, after a long argument and may weird glances for strangers she proceeded to by it. I was so disturbed by her destructive behavior that I decided to stay at a friends house for the weekend. I finally decided to come home Sunday night, but the door was locked which was very weird because our family always left the door unlocked, but I just shrugged and went to the backyard to go through the back door. Once I opened that door I dropped to the floor because what I saw I could never unsee. I saw my moms lifeless body hanging in the middle of the living room with traces of cilantro on her mouth. Next to her was a note which read "I am sorry to do this to you, but after eating cilantro I have been convinced that if I kill myself now I will be accepted into cilantro heaven where I will receive 72 fresh hedges of cilantro. I hope that one day you will do the same." I hope that this story will serve as a warning to everyone who is considering trying cilantro because I don't want anyone to end up like my mom and others who have been taken over by the dark power of this plant.