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A Story

I am really fond of Georgian cuisine, but it is usually full of cilantro - it's kind of traditional herb.
Georgian cuisine thrives on a balance of nutty, tart, and herbal flavors. Walnuts are used copiously, both as a flavoring and a binding agent, as are a wide variety of herbs and beans. Fruits make frequent appearances in savory dishes, but Georgians prefer the tang of pomegranate, immature grape, and sour plum to the sweeter prunes and quince commonly used in Persian dishes. Each region of the country prides itself on a unique dish or distinctive style of preparing pan-Georgian specialties: you’ll find fiery spices and corn-based dishes in the west, while eastern Georgian cooking favors wheat and milder heat. The mountainous areas in the northeast are known for their lamb, while Ajara, on the Black Sea Coast, boasts a plethora of rich cheese, butter, and egg dishes.
And all meat dishes usually contain cilantro!