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A Story

My biggest ordeal has been with Moxies Classic Grill over about two years. They hide cilantro in everything without mentioning it as an ingredient on the menu. My boyfriend and I go to Moxie's every now and then for a nice-ish meal. A good friend of mine who worked there told me to always order the dishes without cilantro cause it was disgusting. I didn't take her advice the first time and even though cilantro was listed I ordered it anyways, not knowing i hated it and spent the next hour picking every shredded piece out of my Sesame Thai Chicken Salad.

Then next time I went, the cilantro wasn't listed as an ingredient, but I was onto them..ha! I ordered the salad and was then told that the cilantro was now mixed into the dressing so I ordered the Lone Star Bbq chicken Salad without cilantro.

The next time I went I ordered the "Warm Mosaic Dip" after checking carefully that there was no cilantro listed. Needless to say, there it was, mixed in and not put on the menu as an ingredient.

A week ago I went again and ordered the Lone Star bbq chicken salad without cilantro. I was informed that it was now (?) mixed into the corn and beans that are put onto the salad so if I wanted it without cilantro I would have to get it without the corn and beans. I told them that that defeated the entire purpose of the salad since then I would have lettuce, chicken, and tortilla chips on a plate. I had to order a different salad and there was STILL Cilantro on my bloody plate!

My boyfriend got really annoyed and talked to the floor manager suggesting that they make a version sans cilantro so that people like me could order it without compromising the actual salad. She just told us that the only way was to forego the beans and corn...she completely missed what we were saying....and completely disregarded the fact that cilantro was mixed into my "cilantro-free" salad.

Take it as a warning to people who hate it (like me) and to people who are allergic..Moxies is a dangerous place to go...