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A Story

I was at the grocery store, looking for new food for Tweetie, my bird. I could tell he was already tired of eating that lame birdseed and wanted something more interesting. While shopping, I came across Cilantro. I, myself, never tried it, but I thought it would be an interesting food for lil' Tweetie. I put it in my shopping cart and checked out. I went home to give lil' Tweetie his first bite of Cilantro. He seemed excited to eat new food. I put pieces of Cilantro in his cage for him to eat. During the same time, I got a phone call. I left the room to answer the phone and when I got back Tweetie was on the floor of his cage. I took him out, thinking he might of just been sleeping, but he wasn't. I rested him on my coffee table, obviously distraught. My dog, Ruffus comes over noticing that I am very upset. He tries to comfort me, but notices the bird instead. He eats my poor Tweetie. I yelled at my dog and sent him outside, little did I know I made another mistake. I find later that, poor Ruffus was attacked by a Moutain Lion (because they are common where I am). Everything went so wrong in one day, all because I fed my poor little bird some Cilantro. Now every time I see cilantro, I feel like crying, being reminded of those series of unfortunate events.