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A Story

Deep from the culinary battle lines of Southern California I write to you today to express the need for help in this grave hour. For the past week we've been up to our ankles in mushy tomato water and crushed devil weed on the front lines of the Great Pico De Gallo / Cilantro Burrito Topping War of 2018. Many brave soldiers have waged their votes so far over 1,000 people have tossed in their vote. For the past 24 hours the Anti-Cilantro, Anti-Pico side of the war has been winning but I write today with less than 48 hours left in the Polls to decide once and for all whether Pico and therefore Cilantro belongs in our Burritos and I'm scared to say it, but the Pico De Gallo and Cilantro side of the battles is winning.....

What can you do? You can do what you do best and share your Cilantro hate on the facebook poll and help us win the War.

Thank you for your participation and Godspeed!