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A Story

I merely find coriander unpleasant, but my wife seems to have developed an allergy (not sure if it's psychosomatic or what). Unfortunately we both like curry.

it is now impossible for us to visit an Indian restaurant, because coriander is now in *everything*. It matters not that we plead with the waiters that yes, she will be violently sick at the restaurnat table if they don't cook the meal fresh without coriander. They just bring it on out. Now I taste her food and send it back. Several times, if necessary. And then walk out without paying, and never visit that restaurant again. Troube is, we;'ve run out of restaurants.

I guess the trouble is that for a good curry, the meat has to marinade for several hours - so it's not possible for them to cook something great tasting but fresh. Or they can't be bothered.

So we started buying jar suaces and cooking at home. There were a few ranges that we could rely on to be corainder-free. Except that one by one, they started adding it in. Often without listing it in the ingredients (sometimes it was referred to as "herbs and spices", sometimes not even that).

The most fun response we had after complaining was receiving a grocery box full of products by way of an apology... all of which contained coriander. Thank you, Discovery.

And now of course it's not just curry - it's spreading into Italian and everyhting else.

Now I'm starting to cook everything from scratch, but it just takes so long...