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A Story

When I was at Berkeley High school, our last programming class task was to compose an application ourselves.

This was in 2009, and I didn't have a cell phone yet not at all like some of my associates. Yet, despite everything I needed to check the BART prepare entry times utilizing my stupid telephone.

So I composed a chatbot which, over programmable SMS, would answer with BART prepare entry times. I would send an SMS to Twitter to send an immediate message to my Twitter bot's record. Twitter would send an email to my bot's email account. Utilizing Google application motor, the bot would parse the email for which station I required information for. The bot approached the BART ongoing landing information, so the bot would download the most recent entry time and answer to the immediate message with the landing time. Twitter answered by means of programmable SMS to my moronic telephone following a moment or thereabouts. Wasn't quick, yet it was free.

I brought down the administration after I got a cell phone, yet the code is still at