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A Story

Oh wowwwww - i really thought i was the only person in the world who HATES corriander (i know hate is a strong word but i really do dislike the stuff)! I have just read an article in a free London newspaper and was overjoyed to see that there was a website dedicated to hating the stuff - love it! OK i have a million corriander stories but my favourite has to be when we ordered an indian takeaway with a few other friends and i made sure the guy on the other end of the phone knew that none of the dishes should contain corriander. I told him 5 times! When we recieved the order, every single dish had corriander in it and i coulnd't eat any of it. I called to complain and he gave me a free order for next time. However, next time, the same thing happened again!!!!!!
Why oh why do they put herbs in a dish that totally takes away all the other lovely flavours?! It's now moving into my lunchtime snacks. I love prawns and fish but forget about me being able to have a prawn salad or a salmon salad from the supermarket - they all have corriander in them. And any oriental ready meal - the same thing goes!
Pleeeeeease. Just like we now have a rule in the UK where salt content has to be reduced in food - REDUCE THE CORRIANDER!!!