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A Story

So I was at the groccery store and I was buying food for a party I was going to host at my house. I was walking down the fruits and veggies isle and I saw it. Back then I had not tasted cilantro but I was very nervous buying it. I did not want to make my guest unhappy because I hadn't ever asked them if they liked it. So when I got to the check out the cashier said to me " Yeah, I love cilantro to." Then I though, " Oh yeah! I'm making a really good choice by buying this veggie." But, when the party ended I looked over at the cilantro and nobody had even touched it. So, since I didn't want to waste food, I took a bite. But I spit it out the second I put it in my mouth. SO, I sent it to my parents ( who hadn't tried either) and they thanked me saying that they LOVED IT!