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A Story

i was only 13 when this happened.
a family reunion on a hot summer's day, it was. i was sitting listening to fall out boy, rawring with my roleplay budz. then i saw it. my second cousin twice removed placed a stir-fry on the table. it was glorious. as i stood to get a plate with the rest of my family, the wonderful aroma filled my nose. as i picked up a helping of this wonderful stir-fry, i filled with excitement. after i took my seat in the corner, i began to eat. it tasted wonderful, until one bite my mouth was filled with the horrible flavor. cilantro. the bitterness was too much. it overwhelmed my senses, something a small 13 year old should not have to endure. it was too much to bear. grief and disbelief filled my head, i couldn't believe my aunt would do such a thing.
this experience still haunts me to this day. my family mocked me, telling me it was "just cilantro." they don't understand. they never will. i am alone.