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A Story

Cake Games for you - for your eyes only
Making a cake is not an easy process. All good chefs know this! You, young apprentice, have come to learn how to make good cakes, no, no... EXCELLENT cakes, right? If so, proceed, here at cake games and experience an amazing experience multiplied by a million. Enjoy at Friv Games

Cake games possess countless of the best cake games around. You name it, we have it. If you want to learn how to make cakes in real life, some of the cake games we have here will teach you that, from the base, over the delicious icing, to the wonderful topping. If, perhaps, you desire different kind of fun, like action and things like that, there are cake games which can offer you that as well.

Namely, many of these cake games involve time challenges and many different activities which need to be done quickly. After all, being a cake chef is not easy since there are numerous problems regarding the very divine process of making a cake, all the way up to decorating it and even delivering it to its rightful, soon to be happy and satisfied owners.

If you like the to be a cake delivery boy and drive these cakes gently to their destination, there are cake games for you too. So, do not worry, all you need to do is sit back, relax and pick a cake game suiting your sweet tooth character best. Luckily, you have all the cake games here so there is no fuss nor rush, you can taste them all since they are a click away. Scary Maze Game

Oh? What do you say? You judge by the look of the cake rather than by the taste of it. Well, cake games located here all are beautifully looking. All these games are made with excellent graphics that will make your mouth watery, triggering an unbearable desire for sweets or, at least, the amazing process of making absolutely perfect cakes through these magnificent cake games.
Voila! There you go, my friend, consider yourself informed. All you need to do now is grab your cake making clothes, prepare all the ingredients you need and rush into the kitchen where you can pick a cake game of your choice and show us what you have. I'm sure we will not be disappointed, so you better not disappoint us. Go, cake games can wait no longer, nor can your hungry stomach, let alone all the cake-desiring customers! Play Papa's Cupcakeria