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A Story

Once I ordered some won-ton soup at Pei Wei. When I received the soup and took a spoonful I was shocked that my mouth was overwhelmed with the taste of cilantro.

I was previously unaware that cilantro was even a potential ingredient in won-ton soup. Are other people aware of this? That cilantro has infiltrated previously cilantro-safe americanized chinese food?

When I told the waiter, "Dude, this sipping this soup is like eating cilantro," he went back into the kitchen to talk to the cook. The cook apparently had mistaken the teaspoon symbol for a tablespoon, thereby increasing the amount of cilantro in my 8 oz soup THREEFOLD. The manager then came by and told me they would get me fresh soup with the correct amount of cilantro. "No please," I said, "I would prefer no cilantro at all."

Many others would have lost all appetite, but I was born in the United States after all, and the cilantro-less soup was tasty. To me this indicates that the herb was unnessecary anyway.