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A Story

Finally, people who understand. It has been rough trying to explain to my friends how evil the weed is. They just don't get it.

The first time I remember connecting the foul soapy taste with the evil weed was when my sister's boyfriend made fresh salsa for us with his new mini food processor. Everyone raved about how wonderful and fresh it was. I actually choked on the first bite. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I pretended that the salsa was good. I didn't understand at the time why everyone else seemed to genuinely enjoy it. He went on and on about the cilantro, so I figured that was what tasted so wrong.

Sometime later at an upscale restaurant, I had a grilled sandwich that had tons of cilantro on it. I almost threw up at the first bite. Of course, my misunderstanding friends laughed as I picked every tiny fragment of the evil weed off my sandwich. Even then the foul taste had infected the rest of the sandwich!!! I choked it down and chalked it up to experience.

Now, I am ever-vigilant. It breaks my heart (and turns my stomach) to see the evil weed creeping into everything. I thankfully have one brand of salsa left at the local market. Once it caves to pro-cilantro fascist pressure, I will have to try to find some online.

God bless you all and may he wipe the evil weed form the face of the earth!