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A Story

I discovered something new about myself this past weekend: I hate cilantro. That it not an exaggeration. I loath that horrible excuse for an herb.

My boyfriend and I decided to try a Mexican restaurant we had never been to before, and when the cashier asked if we wanted cilantro on our chicken tacos, we said "Sure, why not?" Little did I know. . . I tried to take off all of the stuff from my tacos, but it's so damn pervasive and the scent/taste was infused into the entire thing. I felt really bad wasting otherwise good tacos, but I honestly could not force myself to eat them. Earlier in the week I brought in a microwaveable, organic Mexican Tamale Pie for lunch at work. It looked good judging from the picture and the ingredients. Corn, crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce, beans, zucchini - where could it go wrong? I'm not a big fan of zucchini, but it's not like it has a strong, overpowering flavor so I was okay with eating something that contained it. However, once I took it out of the microwave it smelled really unpleasant. I thought perhaps the heat had melted some of the plastic container. I tried it anyway, and it was so nasty I could only tolerate a few bites. At the time I didn't know why it was so damned horrible, but after visiting that Mexican restaurant it dawned on me: it must have contained cilantro.

According to a Wikipedia article, my distaste (that word is definitely an understatement) may actually be in my blood, so to speak: "The leaves have a very different taste from the seeds, similar to parsley but 'juicier' and with citrus-like overtones. Some people instead perceive an unpleasant 'soapy' taste and/or a rank smell. This taste is believed to be a genetic trait, but has yet to be fully researched."

Honestly, I would rather chug down cough syrup and munch on non-chewable Tylenol than ever eat cilantro again.