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A Story

There I was, eating dinner, feeling like a true winner
It was nothing to boast, just some bacon and toast
As a culinary beginner, I felt like a true sinner
If I didn't try something new, what's the worst it could do?
So my pantry was looted for something that was well suited
Then I found it, something strange, like a clover gone deranged
Cilantro, cilantro! Why do you so unlawfully awful?
Genocide justified, we'd be happy if you'd DIE
Best believe that ain't a lie, and though I know your not surprised,
I say we shut of the supply, let us rally up the guys
Riots in the streets, united we cannot be beat
We will hand them their defeat if we'd just stop stroking our meat.
Aloha snackbar! No cilantro near or far! Though you may find it bizarre by it's evil I've been scarred.
I've had enough of this shiit, though my rhymes may be legit, I now only long to quit.
Thank you and give me your money. Yes I am being serious give me your money, this isn't free. Aw shiit