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A Story

It happened when I was twelve. My and me loved to cook, we ate everything. My mom turned to me one day and goes, “we’ve never cooked with cilantro.” And I sat there and was like, “what in the world is that?” So she explained the horrible thing to me and I nodded thinking it was fine to cook with this ‘cilantro’ stuff. So I did. I had a bag of cilantro, and I just dumped it in a pan to heat up. The smell was horrible, and I tasted a bit of it, only to make the most disgusted face. I walked away for one second, and the pan lit on fire! The wooden cabinets were covered with flames within seconds and the air started to cloud with smoke. I quickly ran to the door, making sure to grab my phone. My mother wasn’t home. I called the fire station, but we lived far out, almost and hour out of town. The firemen didn’t get there in time. My whole house was burnt down, and I had to sit there and watch it. And it was all because of cilantro.