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A Story

A few years ago when I was 23 years old, I bought a new home that had a wonderful kitchen. My husband and I thought it would be nice to cook Italian as the first meal for the first day of living in our home. He went out to get groceries for the pasta we were going to make, and when he came back, we started cooking. The sauce tasted AMAZING and I was so happy with my life. But I'm not sure if what happened later was because of a horrible turn in our fate, or if my husband had a death wish. While sprinkling raw cilantro into the sauce pan, he decided to eat some himself and made jokes by calling himself "vegan," and saying he was eating "grass." We laughed until he violently and abruptly grabbed my shoulder and winced in pain as he struggled to breath through his swollen airway. We rushed to the hospital, and the doctor told us that he was just allergic to the cilantro and sent us with medication. Although my husband is still alive, we will never let that devilish plant back into our house again. What should have been a happy memory was turned into a foul one, and I wish with all my heart that people realize that cilantro is worthless and maybe it may not be too dangerous for most people, it is still unnecessary for food and growing. Please don't make the same mistake I made and use cilantro in your food.