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A Story

CILANTRO is the sickest substance I have ever tasted. I grew up hating green things and Mexican food, so I never knew what CILANTRO was. THEN one day I decided to try a taco and WHOA I just about started to cry. I thought I hated tacos but it was the CILANTRO that I hated. I have not had time to read everyone's stories, but I am sure some of you feel the same way I do about CILANTRO. IT TASTES LIKE A CLEANING CHEMICAL. I can tast it in anything and everything. I can taste one little piece. Therefore both salsa and guacomole are hard to eat because 95% of them contain CILANTRO. I ask every waitor/watress if the item I am ordering contains CILANTRO, even if I know it does not. I tell them I am allergic and that makes them be extremely careful with my order. A Few things to be careful of other than Mexican food: BBQ chicken them but always ask if it contains CILANTRO Thai food...also love it but a lot of it contains CILANTO. If I think of more, I will add to the list. Thank you to all you CILANTRO haters for joining this site... I HATE CILANTRO FOREVER