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A Story

When I was younger, my mom created her fantastic salsa recipe, which included a ton of cilantro. She would have me help her, and my job was to always pluck the little leaves off the cilantro stems. I hated the smell, it stayed on my fingers, I hated the taste, I hated it altogether.
I hate cilantro so much, sometimes I'll feel like spitting out part of my Grilled Stuft burrito at Taco Bell when I taste a hint of cilantro. I try to pick the leaves out when I see them. I really wish that I could ask for a "cilantro-free" burrito, but that nasty leaf is in EVERYTHING there.
I am part Mexican, and when people hear that I don't like cilantro, they are stunned for some reason. "Aren't you part Mexican?? How is that possible?? How can you not love cilantro?!?" It makes me gag, it's the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted.
My husband told me about this website tonight, and now that I know you are here, I will spread the word!!