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A Story

I can't really remember my first encounter with the greens themselves. However, this is what it tastes like to me:

Imagine you're walking on the beach along the ocean front. You are having a wonderful day, the smell of the salt water in your lungs gives you the feeling you are truly alive. Suddenly, the breeze changes and you smell a foul rotting smell. You look around, frantically trying to find this intruder on your joy...then, you see it. A rotting fish baking in the sun, the smell of rot and salt permeates the air around you making it hard to breathe. You try and try to suppress the gag reflex growing more powerful by the second. You decide to run, as fast and long as you can, to find that peaceful clean air.

THAT is what cilantro tastes like to me. My family makes fun of me because they all love it and claim it tastes like some heavenly herb. They also use it a lot and often forget (I'm in my 30s at this point so they've had ample time to remember) and therefore I'm forced to pick it out of food often. I don't put my taste burden on anyone else, I simply try to enlighten people as to the differentiation between palates and hope that they will be as respectful towards mine and I am towards theirs.