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A Story

I lived all my life in Argentina until 4 years ago. Argentina is a beautiful place where almost no one knows what cilantro is. Everybody kows, though, what a "chinche" is: it is a little green bug that smells horribly when you touch or kill it. I think that it is called "green stick bug" in the States. Anyway, I was with my husband in Chile before moving to the States, having dinner with some people, and I helped myself with some potato salad, that had some chopped herbs that I thought it was parsley. When I first put that thing in my mouth, I looked at my husband, totally terrified, and I told him: "I think I just ate a chinche." He hugged me, he laughed, and he told me "It's about time someone on this earth understands me! You have no idea how much I love you"
Happens that he also believes that cilantro tastes like a bug, and happens that while he was living in different countries throughout Latin America nobody would believe him. People around there love cilantro, I don't know why. It tastes like "chinche", and my husband knew he had really found his soul mate when I experienced cilantro for the first time. (oh by the way, he was not my husband at the time, and he often says that he decided to spend the rest of his life with me when he realized that I shared his worldview -a view of a world where herbs that taste like bugs should be forbidden.