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A Story

I found this website after spending a good amount of time with very good ingredients (garden grown tomats, zuccini, cream cheese, pre-prepared beef/chicken broth)...making a soup. It was smelling so good (i forgot to mention red-wine vinigar)...mmmmm...the tomatos...the i took a scoop of i savored the taste...the dreaded taste came...i was so upset and disapointed! Furthermore, i lost my apetite. I didnt know what it i searched about "soapy soup" and this site came up. I realized what it must have been...the question is how did it get there? The only seasoning i used was basil, which was kept in a plastic baggy safe from the coriander (why did i even buy that in the first place?)...i dont know how it got there...but just to see, i tasted the corriander, and it tasted very much like that awful taste in my soup. was awful...and now i have to go dump my soup down the sink...