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A Story

This is my cilantro story. One day, in my kindergarten years, we had a "bring-something-healthy-to-school-day." Sounds fake, but this is legit. Everyone brought something healthy, I remember I brought radishes. Everyone brought something, and then we had to take a little bit of everything and try it. There were normal things like carrots, broccoli, green beans, even rainbow chard. But then... I came across the CILANTRO. I had never encountered such a specimen before, and he was so misleadingly beautiful, that I took a big bunch of him. I went back to my desk with my plate of "healthy foods" and waited for the teacher to say we could eat. I started off with my radishes, and then some other random veggies that I had on my plate. So, excited as I was to try a taste of this mystical "cilantro," I saved it for last. I picked the deceptive leafy greens up and took a huge bite, and to my disgust, I suddenly felt as if my mother had found me using a swear word. My unexpecting mouth was full of that vile SOAP-TASTING-HEALTHY-FOOD! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.