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A Story

my first cilantro experience was at a mexican restaurant shortly after i discovered the delights of salsa then i recieved a small pottery dish at a restaurant that after the first taste resulted in my friends opposite me boltiing to their feet enraged at what had happened to the fronts of their clothing as a result of my having sprayed a mouthful of chips-pieces and vile red ooze across their chests. cilantro was, i learned, the reason. i of course did not b lame myself. i blamed my friends who i am sure knew full well that any cilantro dish presented to another carried with it an obligtation to inform the person it contained cilantro. i have also learned that while this warning may once in a great while come from a fellow gringo, it will never come from a mexican. mexicans are convinced cilantro is delicious. something to think about for those harboring any lingering resentment toward the proposed fence.