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A Story

Dude, you would not believe the things Cilantro has done to my life. IN A BAD WAY! First of all, on a fairly hot and summer day, I was walking home from my bus stop. While minding my own business, this piece of green leafed soap tasting devil sprouted from the crack of the street and placed it's self right in front of me. I was so offended that the gods, jesus himself, has brought upon such a disgusting, rotten, slithery leaf. Also known as the one, the only, CILANTRO. I could not believe my eyes as I stood there SHOOK as I can be. I then proceeded to squat down and pick out the cilantro from the crack of the road, making sure no one else has to go through same hell I went through. Little did I know the wind picked up and the cilantro waved and started floating to my face. I was so OUTRAGED. I hate cilantro so much.